Email Hosting Services

Our company is comprised of a team of experts in web designing and development industry.

In 2001, our company was launched to provide truly integrated, holistic, and flexible website solutions. We have a talent pool ranging from internet marketing spec,programmers to the design gurus. Having interacted with a wide variety of organizations we ensure that our team always has access to the knowledge, skills, and research that our clients need to be successful.

We strive to give our customers the results they need not simply a product.Our solutions are driven by our clients' needs. We work closely with clients to understand their company, their internal business processes, and the visitor experience they want to provide. Increasingly, web sites are a company's primary point of contact with customers. This point of contact needs to be more than a brand experience. It needs to serve current and future customers.

NetGains SecureMail delivers Exchange-level Business email services, Collaboration tools, eMail Sync and instant messaging. Unlike Microsoft Exchange hosting, Zimbra the administrative tasks are much easier to execute and WebMail Service is Outlook like and very intutive. It's complete cloud email solution.

Today with the rapid evolution of mobile phones, laptops and tabs, users expectations from their Business email services have also been going up! Few years before company email was all about simple POP3/SMTP services configured in the users Outlook and at rare times a user would access his email using WebMail. But today's globe trotting, gadget savvy users are expecting that their business email should be accessible from their desktop, Smartphone, tablet and home computer. Not just this they expect Collaboration tools like notes, calanders, tasks, address books should synchronize seemlessely across mail clients and devices. NetGains Business email services have been able to keep up with this break neck evolution pace of these devices and demands.

NetGains Business email services is the best email service with unmatched features like email sync, browser independent, device independent WebMail, Collaboration tools, Messanger, Archival and is affordable Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses