Spam Free Email Services

Our company is comprised of a team of experts in web designing and development industry.

IT Monteur offers free Spam Assassin Anti-Spam and Clam AV Anti-Virus for all email accounts. For users who are victims of large volumes of spam, or who have a very low tolerance to spam, IT Monteur offers seamless integration with our own Geographically dispersed, Cloud based Spam Experts appliances. Spam Experts is available for $2/month/DOMAIN, can be seamlessly added to any domain hosted within the control panel, offers a web GUI management interface, full quarantine and digest options and much more.

Configure resold pricing to your customers and enable for their plans and customers can add this filtering service to ANY of their domains. Automatic and seamless provisioning with automatic billing and invoicing. Additionally, all domains have their outgoing mail filtered through Spam Experts.

This is included for all domains and helps keep your email flowing by removing blacklisting which can occur from other customers spamming or simply getting their email box passwords hacked.There was a time of Google Apps who offered free custom domain email hosting solution for sites and blogs. Day by day, the things got weird. Starting from 2000 free users in Google Apps, it gradually decreased to 10 free accounts. But now, Google no longer offer the free version of Google Apps and Microsoft outlook for custom domain has reduced the number of users from 500 to 50. However, there is something good inside MS outlook service. You may ask their team to increase the free quota.