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A static website means a website that contains the fix contents. In static website, web pages are coded in HTML. Static website is basic type of website where you can not change the contents of web pages. for better understaning, we can say that if we put your company catologue online it will be called your static website. A static website has some static web pages that are interlinked together and published on web server. The end user does not change the contents of web pages unless it is manually updated by the webmaster. This is good for small website like 4 -5 pages otherwise if no of pages is 10 or more than 10, it will be difficult to maintain it. The static website has only single end i.e front end, you can not make any change by yourself.Tech india infotech is a best website desiging company for static website. We design static websites on very low price with very high quality" . we do not follow the any template. we create diffrent layout for each and every static website and we do not belive in copy and past so our designed website always unique and innovativeBenefits of static website :-1. static website can build at a very low cost.2. it run at a high speed in compare to dynamic.3. Easy to make changes and maintain. etc..

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